Simon the Squirrel

 As the winter quickly approaches, Katie Terrill from the SuperCamp Programs Department in Oceanside took some time to sit down with one of our favorite returning SuperCampers. 

Simon the Squirrel has been on the grounds at Stanford University for the past 3 summers and once again got to experience the laughter and tears from Toyon Hall. We sat down with him by the fountain and asked him about his 2011 experience. 

1. Simon, tell us something we do not know about you?

I have 32 offspring, 227 grand-squirrels, and 559 great-grand-squirrels. Reunions send me into a tail-spin.

2. What was your funniest moment this summer at Stanford?

This might be acorny moment, but once I accidently bit into a clown’s foot during mystery words and he tasted funny.

3. Who was the most interesting staff member you came across and why?

They were all very interesting. Can we paws and come back?

4. Did anything about the program drive you ‘nuts’?

Only when I see people barking up the wrong tree during trust falls. I mean, what is a spotter anyway?

5. On outdoor adventure day, did anything unusual occur since we were so close to you?

I always make a lot of friends on outdoor adventure day. Everyone climbs up in my trees and acts like a nut.

6. How will you apply academics since you can not read or write?

No need to be cheeky. Before SuperCamp I was barely squeaking by.

7. Team time – would show us your favorite dance move?

I got this one from Saturday Nut Fever.

8. What advice can you give to those who miss SuperCamp during winter?

Branch out. Get down to your roots and try something you’ve always wanted to. Or travel back to Stanford and feed my family. Since this interview started we have 13 more.

9. Anything else you would like to share? We will snap for you!

Nuttin else. That’s enough fur today.


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